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West Linton Whipman Plan

Whipman is the old Scots word for carter or carrier, and the story of the Linton play began in 1803 when the Whipmen Benevolent Society, providing mutual aid to its members, held their annual meeting.


West Linton Whipman 2014 will be taking place on Friday 6th June until Sunday 15th June.

West Linton Whipman Plan


On one of the few holidays of the year, The Whipman of Linton paid formal visits to local mansions and spent the rest of the day at the gathering which was devoted to sporting activities. This gathering became known as “The Whipman Play.” The Linton Whipman is installed and invested with his sash of office on the Friday evening and leads a mounted procession through the village. Saturday begins with a rideout and is followed by a week long programme of activities, sports, competitions, barbecues and a bonfire.


Homecoming 2014 & Return to the Ridings 2014 Join Forces

Scotland will welcome the world in the Year of Homecoming 2014- providing a year-long programme of events alongside the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games. The Year of Homecoming Scotland will run from 31 December 2013 to 31 December 2014