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West Linton Whipman Play

Whipman is the old Scots word for a carter or carrier, and the story of the Linton play began in 1803 when the Whipman Benevolent Society, providing mutual aid to its members, held their annual meeting.

The West Linton Whipman Play will be taking place from 2nd to 10th June 2017 with Installation Friday on the 2nd June

The best viewpoints will be from anywhere in the village centre (Station Road & Main Street) or at the Ford (crossing point) on the Lower Green. You can also take the A702 towards Dolphinton then turn right for approximately 2 miles to Garvald. Riders will ride out at 10.00am and will be back at 3.30pm.

Further details on the event are available below or from the Whipman Play Society website or by email, or can be downloaded here West Linton Whipman.

2017 – Childrens Fancy Dress (1) Fun A’noon 3 June

2017 Fancy Dress Parade 2 June

2017 Family Cycle Event – 4th June (1)

2017 Adult Cycle Race – 5th June (2)

2017 Cross Country races (3) 7 June

2017 Junior rideout (8)

2017 Junior Rideout II 28 May

2017 Kirking of the Whipman (2)

2017 Rideout – 3rd June – Inward (1)

2017 Rideout – 3rd June – Outward (2)

2017 Sports event – 5th June (9)

2017 Sports event – 7th June (3)

2017 sports event – 8th June (2)

2017 sports event and procession – 10th June (3)

West Linton Whipman Play


On one of the few holidays of the year, The Whipman of Linton paid formal visits to local mansions and spent the rest of the day at the gathering which was devoted to sporting activities. This gathering became known as “The Whipman Play.” The Linton Whipman is installed and invested with his sash of office on the Friday evening and leads a mounted procession through the village. Saturday begins with a rideout and is followed by a week long programme of activities, sports, and competitions.


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