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Peebles Beltane Week

With Queen Victoria‘s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 the burgh revived the old ceremony of riding the marches, linking it with the Beltane Fair, which traced its origins to a charter granted by James VI in 1621.

There are a few events to get you in the mood for the Beltane proper.  On the 29th March there will be the Peebles March Rider Annual Junior/Novice Ride, and on the 17th May the Annual May Ride.

The Peebles Beltane Week will be taking place on Sunday 14th June until Saturday 20th June 2015. The inaugural Service at the Cross Kirk happens on the 14th June. The Common Riding will take place on Wednesday 17th June.  Lots happening so here’s a summary below;

15th June -Primary School Disco

16th June – Children’s Sports ay Haylodge Park

17th June – Cornet Installation and Riding of the Marches and Neidpath Ceremony

Recommended view points for the Common Ridings: 6.15pm on the High Street, 8.30pm Fording of River Tweed at Hay Lodge Park and 9.00pm Horse races on the Golf Course.18th June – Beltane Concert

18th June – The Beltane Concert

19th June – Fancy Dress Parade

20th June – Peebles Red Letter Day, Crowning Ceremony, Grand Procession and Retreat


Peebles Beltane Week


Beltane signifies the fire of Bell or Baal and originated from the pagan Celtic festival. The festival was in honour of the power which in early summer gave light, warmth and growth. Wednesday evening sees the installation of the Cornet followed by the Riding of the Marches and a ceremony at Neidpath Castle. Following a series of horse races, the mounted procession leaves for the River Tweed and the evening ends with the dancing of the Cornet‘s Reel. After an early morning rideout on Saturday, Festival Day begins with the proclamation of the historic Beltane Fair and the crowning of the Beltane Queen, followed by a grand procession around the town.


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