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Jethart Callants Festival

Inaugurated in 1947 and lasts two weeks with ceremonial rides to places of historic interest.

The Jethart Callants Festival 2014 will be taking place on Saturday 28th of June until Friday 11th of July.

Jethart Callants Festival


The most important ride is to Redeswire, close by Carter Bar, the site of a battle in 1575 when the timely arrival of the Jedburgh contingent with their cry “Jethart‘s here” turned an apparent defeat of the men from Liddesdale into a rout of the English. The Callant, the young man leading the festival proceedings leads the mounted cavalcade to Ferniehurst Castle, halts for a ceremony at the Capon Tree, survivor of the ancient Jed Forest, and returns to the town for the final ceremony at the War Memorial. Saturday commences with the firing of a cannon and a race around the town, followed by the Jedburgh Border Games, which date from 1853.


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