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Hawick Common Riding

Hawick Common Riding links the traditional riding of the town‘s lands with a commemoration of the callants, young Hawick lads who in 1514 routed English plunderers, capturing their flag. Records of the Common Riding principals go back to 1703.

Hawick Common Riding 2015 will be taking place between 28th May to 6th June 2015.  The Common Riding Thursday Night Chase takes place at 6pm on 28th May.  An early start on the 4th June for those who want to experience the Morning Chase at 6am.  And why not stay around for the Cornets Walk and Colour Bussing Night at the Town Hall at 8.10pm.

8.30am on 5th June 2015 – Common Riding Day

9.30am on 6th June 2015 – Common Riding Saturday

Hawick Common Riding


Records of the Common Riding principals go back to 1703. Official proceedings begin on Thursday evening with a ceremony of speech and song. During the ceremony, the Burgh Flag is bussed and entrusted to the Cornet.

The next day bands, civic dignitaries and the mounted cavalcade process around the town. The Cornet with “the banner blue” leads his followers in the chase, a ride at full gallop, in memory of the victorious youths of 1514. The riding of the marches, horse racing and the dipping of the flag in the River Teviot follow. Saturday events include the laying of the wreaths at the War Memorial, horse racing and professional games


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