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Hawick Common Riding

Hawick Common Riding links the traditional riding of the town‘s lands with a commemoration of the callants, young Hawick lads who in 1514 routed English plunderers, capturing their flag. Records of the Common Riding principals go back to 1703.

Hawick Common Riding 2014 will be taking place on Saturday 10th of May until Saturday 7th June.

Hawick Common Riding


Records of the Common Riding principals go back to 1703. Official proceedings begin on Thursday evening with a ceremony of speech and song. During the ceremony, the Burgh Flag is bussed and entrusted to the Cornet.

The next day bands, civic dignitaries and the mounted cavalcade process around the town. The Cornet with “the banner blue” leads his followers in the chase, a ride at full gallop, in memory of the victorious youths of 1514. The riding of the marches, horse racing and the dipping of the flag in the River Teviot follow. Saturday events include the laying of the wreaths at the War Memorial, horse racing and professional games


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Hawick Celebrates Historic Battle Anniversary

Dramatic Start to 2014 Common Ridings Season

Date: Thursday 15 May

Venue: Hornshole, Hawick

Time: Battle Reenactment: 12.15-1.15pm

(Please see below for important information re: Media access)

This Thursday, around 2,000 children (aged 4-13) from Hawick and the surrounding area will dress in period costume to watch a special reenactment of one of the most significant events in the history of the Scottish Borders – the Battle of Hornshole, which celebrates its 500th anniversary this year. The event heralds the start of this year’s Scottish Borders Common Ridings and Festivals, which begin with Hawick Common riding on 6 June.

The reenactment includes a spectacular fight sequence featuring twenty-two teenage boys from Hawick High School, the Hawick Cornet and his Left Hand Man and Right Hand Man on horseback plus battle-renactors from the Borders Clansman Society and stunt-team Les Amis D’Onno (who have appeared in productions including Robin Hood and Game of Thrones). The event remembers the historic clash where, in 1514, a group of Hawick youths successfully defended the town from an English raiding party. The Battle of Hornshole is a central element of the town’s annual Common Riding celebrations.

The children attending will also take part by singing “Teribus”, the Hawick song, and dancing the Hawicka – a specially commissioned dance created for the occasion.

On the Day

11.30-12.00(check with Ally) – interviews will the following spokespeople will be available:

Children taking part in the reenactment

Spokesperson from Vision 2014, the reenactment organisers

Local historian

Media Access

As many of the children will be walking along narrow roads to the field at Hornshole, vehicle access is restricted for safety reasons. Access close to the field for small media vehicles will be available between 10.45 and 11.30am. This will be via the bridge/Hornshole Monument off the A698 between Denholm and Hawick *. Vehicle Pass is required. Please contact Karen at Artisan PR to arrange a pass. On arrival, media should report to Karen Finlay at the main gate.

Karen Finlay: 01578 722690, 07803 945043,

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