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Penicuik Hunter & Lass

On Friday, July 3rd 1936 a ceremony was held in the Cowan Institute, Penicuik which was to mark a new departure in the local Children’s Gala organised by Penicuik United Friendly Societies. On that summer evening in what is now the Town Hall, Mr. Thomson Aikman and Miss Greta Cunningham were installed as the first Penicuik Hunter and Hunter’s Lass.

These celebrations were to run in conjunction with the Children’s Gala Day as a separate event but still complementing each other. Unfortunately through time the Children’s Gala Day has disappeared but the Hunter and Lass celebrations have gone from strength to strength. These celebrations are modelled on the traditional Border Common Ridings, which are held annually and are used to commemorate various important events in the history of the Scottish Borders. In many Border Towns the ceremonies and events which take place are held with very high regard in the community.

In 2020 the event will be held from 23-30 May, and further details can be found here.

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