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Coldstream Civic Week

Inaugurated in 1952 and begins on a Sunday with the introduction of the Coldstreamer, the principal figure in the celebrations, and the bussing of the Burgh Flag.

The Coldstream Civic Week 2014 will be taking place on Sunday 3rd of August until Saturday 9th of August.


As part of Coldstream Civic Week Coldstream Rider’s Association arrange four ride-outs. While Flodden on the Thursday is the longest and largest of these events with more than 300 riders taking part each year (460 last year as this was the 500th anniversary of the battle of Flodden), between 50-100 horses will also join the shorter routes to Norham (Monday), Birgham (Wednesday) and Leitholm (Friday). Coldstream Rider’s Association also supports the wider programme of events arranged by Presenting Coldstream during Civic Week which includes a torchlight procession, fancy dress, the “Dub Dash”, pet show and the all important sashing and unsashing ceremonies which take place on the Sunday at the beginning of the week then the following Saturday respectively. Further details and regular updates can be obtained via our website (which is currently being upgraded or via our facebook page (look up Coldstream Riders Association).

Recommended viewpoints: Flodden Day, Coldstream High Street is the best place to see the horses leave the town 10.30am. Branxton Hill to see the cavalcade gallop up Flodden Hill, best to be in place by 12 noon.

Coldstream Civic Week


A week‘s activities follow with rideouts, gymkhana, sports and parades. The highlight of the week on the Thursday is the ride to the Flodden Memorial to commemorate the dead of 1513. Wreaths are laid, a short service held and an oration delivered by a guest speaker. Friday evening sees a torchlight procession and firework display. The Civic Week ends on the Saturday with horse racing, fancy dress parade, the return of the Burgh flag and Beating Retreat.


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